Counseling and Groups

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The Children’s Advocacy Center is committed to providing a safe place for children to begin the healing process after they have experienced abuse. Our team of Master’s level social workers provides short-­term, trauma ­informed therapy to children of every age. Since child abuse affects the whole family, the services provided at The Children’s Advocacy Center are available at no cost to every child and their non­-offending caregivers. When a child comes to The Children’s Advocacy Center for a forensic interview, clinical staff work with each family to determine the best treatment options. Clinical staff are specially trained in evidence-based treatment approaches with a firm understanding of the effects of trauma. Additionally, play, art, and sensory interventions are utilized in the treatment provided to children, adolescents, and adults.


TF-CBT is a conjoint child and parent psychotherapy approach for children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events. This type of evidence-based treatment has been determined as best practice for use with abused and traumatized children. TF­CBT helps families to manage feelings, talk about the trauma, and develop plans for feeling safe in the future.



The core principle of the SITCAP model is that by providing children with the opportunity to safely revisit and rework the primary subjective experiences of trauma, within the sensory, not cognitive context in which they are experienced, stored, and remembered, PTSD symptoms and grief and trauma related mental health reactions can be significantly reduced, the gain sustained, and the resilience developed and/or strengthened in ways that support growth. Developed and used over the past 24 years, field tested in schools and community agencies, SITCAP® is supported by the latest scientific advances in neuroscience and has been featured in leading scholarly journals and numerous books on childhood trauma.


PSB-CBT is based off of evidence-based CBT treatment. It is a new treatment approach for children ages 2-10 who are exhibiting concerning sexualized behaviors. PSB-­CBT is a highly structured, 12-week intervention that includes addressing the origin of the problematic sexual behavior, providing psychoeducation on the rules of sexual behaviors and boundaries, gaining control over the impulsive behavior(s), and future safety planning. Caregiver psychoeducation and caregiver-child practice of skills and strategies at home are also expected throughout treatment.

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Sensory Motor Regulation Treatment is a form of counseling specially designed for children and youth who have been affected by complex trauma (i.e. sexual abuse, violence, adoption, etc.).  SMART includes three major components: emotional and behavioral regulation, trauma processing, and attachment.  To address emotional regulation, SMART uses concepts and clinical evidence from the sensory integration field.  The basic equipment, including physio balls, weighted blankets, and crash cushions, provided different types of sensory input for arousal regulation.  To address trauma processing this treatment uses embodied action, games, and symbolic and dramatic play.  To stimulate attachment, SMART therapists work with children and their non-offending caregivers to improve relational security through active, playful engagement.  Children who are engaged in SMART can become more self-aware and calm in situations that typically cause stress.


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence-based treatment that was originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but it has since been used to treat a wide range of mental health issues. EMDR recreates eye movements similar to when we are in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. This type of therapy shows us that the mind can heal from emotional trauma, similar to how our body can heal from physical trauma. EMDR is safe for kids, teens, and adults.

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The Children’s Advocacy Center strives to meet the unique needs of all of our clients.  We offer a variety of groups, including support groups, therapy groups, psychoeducation groups and workshops. In hopes of providing the most meaningful and effective services for our clients and families, we tailor our groups to meet clinical best practices. For this reason, our groups are always evolving. Please see the calendar for our current and upcoming groups and email us if you or someone you know is interested in attending.

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Join other teen girls as we creatively explore issues related to sexual abuse and assault. Through expressive art, self-care, writing, movement, and other activities, you will learn about yourself while also having the opportunity to connect with a small group of teens that share similar experiences.



Join other teens and come together and use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim trauma as art!  The workshops will be a collaborative opportunity to engage in the process, share experiences, and create works of art.

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A four-week group designed for boys and girls who are dealing with the effects of trauma and would like to build their relaxation toolkit. Sessions will focus on relaxation through yoga and breathing techniques, art as a stress-relieving tool, and healthy sleep habits.



Throughout the year we host several different one time workshops for both kids and caregivers covering a variety of topics.

We also have shorter-term groups running throughout the year depending on the current client need and what partnerships we have with local organizations.  These groups are always changing as we enjoy offering something new to our clients.