Courtroom Orientation

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Family Support

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Crisis Needs
At the time of the forensic ­interview, a family advocate will check­ in with the caregivers and provide a packet of valuable information for later reference. The family advocate explores the needs of the entire family, provides education on the investigation process, and gives general reassurance and support. Additional crisis assistance is offered throughout the process.

Court Assistance
Caregivers require extra support when they are having to navigate the criminal justice system. Our family advocates are skilled in helping guide both children and caregivers through the criminal and family court system. We work closely with the assigned prosecutor, in order to provide information, support, and reassurance to families during this stressful time.

Ongoing Advocate
After the forensic interview, the family advocate follows up with the caregivers for several months to assist with any additional services and referrals the family may need. This may include assistance with applying for Crime Victims Compensation. In addition, the family advocate can help connect families to area resources and assist them with basic needs.

Courtroom Orientation-01